Emerging Technologies BIM Research Group

The Emerging Technologies BIM Research Group works in the brand new College Avenue Commons building at Arizona State University.

who we are   We are a research group dedicated to studying new and emerging technologies that can enhance Building Information Modeling (BIM) efforts to improve building design, construction, and operation.

which technologies we study   We explore a variety of new technological tools that tie into Building Information Modeling processes, including: mobile computing systems, mixed (and augmented) reality, virtual reality, simulation games, wearable technologies, and other new and emerging technologies.

why study emerging technologies   The building industry is rapidly evolving. Increasingly, companies are looking to leverage computer technology to improve design and construction processes. In a time when new computing technologies seem to be created every day, understanding how to use these tools appropriately to improve design and construction is critical. We aim to research these technologies to identify the types of tools and implementation approaches that offer the most benefit to the building industry.